Come and Join us on a Poutine Crawl adventure all February long!

What can we give our friends on our off season you ask?

Well a Poutine Crawl of course! Let's find the best poutine in your city! We are encouraging everyone to get out during the month of February to try the best Poutine's in the city! Your favorite restaurants! Your Choice! Great Deals all month long!

Vote for your favorite and lets crown a Poutine Champion!

Not only will the Poutine Crawl spread the love of this irresistible dish, but we encourage everyone, poutine lovers, connoisseurs, youtubers and bloggers to visit participating establishments, take pictures of your food, tag them on media platforms, and rave about your favorite restaurant!

Check out the latest information on the poutine Crawl in your city by clicking on your city!







Sault Ste. Marie


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